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Want to have an unnecessary toy or a cheap zombie apocalypse weapon disk? Well, this project is just right for you! Please vote for me for the contest. I also have included a video describing how strong the frisbee can withstand. I'm just 12 years old and my family is in a huge debt right now. Anyway, lets not get too emotional, it's very cheap,  and it also recycle 1 stuff. And... i present you the indestructible double disk frisbee! It is safe from water, fire, knife, freeze ray, shock, abrasion,extreme heavy weight, bullet, and everything in your life that can cause your death!

Step 1: Ma-ti-ro-als

-Non or working disk hard drive (non working hard drive is recommended because it recycle your old stuffff).

-Set of screwdrivers (i got mine at harbor freight tools).

Step 2: The Outside

For my hard drive, i used the approriate screw driver to take out the green stuff on the sides.

Step 3: Working at It's "behind"

Unlock the screws all the screws that holds the circuit board. After your done, pull it out. Then take all the screws out. If there is a seal, break it, and a screw is behind it.

Step 4: Frontal of the Drive

On my drive's corners, there were 4 screws, so i took the all out and removed its "plate"

Step 5: The Inner Organs

Take all the unnecessary thing around the disk, especially the magnets.


In the middle of the disk, you will see a circle, and usually it will contains 6 screws, so then take it all out. Then after the screw is out, the disk must be removed. After that, screw them all together again.

Step 7: Optional Stufffffffffffffss

-You can either give a paint coat. I would not recommend that because when it is being thrown, the paint will be easily scratch off by the surface (unless you're playing on grass).

-With the magnets, form a circle and probably somehow stich it on the back of your shirt. Imagine you are TRON. Then put the disk on the magnets.

Thanks for visiting my page!
Please vote for my stuff and watch my test film!

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Not all of these are "indestructible". As paphillips01 says, some of these are made of glass, not metal, and will shatter quite nastily if abused like this. Others are metal, and are, as you have found out, quite insanely tough.


    6 years ago

    Srry bout yr parents hope they fix the dept problem :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Bro you should know those aren’t indestructible, although very strong, they are a kind of glass and will shatter violently in to a vicious pile of mess you up. On the up side they have Platinum on them and electronics recyclers will pay ca$h for them.