Indian Aloo Meethi Instant Version. Potato Fenugreek Snack

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Lovely users of instructables,

As promised , here I am with another recipe from Indian Cuisine. Back during 2011 last quarter I was in Culver City LA helping one of my clients in their projects. Every Friday they order lunch from a different cuisine restaurant for the entire office (mann... that was total fun.. I really miss that). But before Thanksgiving weekend, they announced a potluck. Everyone has to bring something cooked at home. Some of them hinted me for Indian food like Chole, Mutter Paneer etc.

Back to my Hotel room late at night tired, all I have was some potatoes and Kasuri Methi (Dried Fenugreek leaves) which I brought from India along with other spices. The questions was How can I cook Chole or Mutter Paneer using these ingredients. Well I could not :).

Next morning I came up with this recipe in hurry and I can not tell you what a hit it was. For my American friends & colleagues, fenugreek taste was different and they loved it. It was a bliss for vegan food lovers (there were a few in my office).

Today I will share this recipe with you :).

You must know that Aloo-Methi is actually a very famous main course recipe as well in India, this version is more of a snack and can be made in no time.

Useful Information:
Servings : 1 (just me yaaay, I ate it all)
Cooking Time: 10 Minutes.
Vegan: Yes
Vegetarian : Yes

Still looking for your apron.... come on

Step 1: Ingredients

You would need:

  1. Kasuri Methi (Dried fenugreek Leaves), they are available in grocery stores (Indian or Asian stores outside Indian subcontinent)
  2. 3 Boiled (skin peeled) or Baked potatoes of size slightly bigger than an egg. (I have boiled ones). Boiled has one advantage over backed that you can add salt while boiling them, this will add to its taste. (you can also use red potatoes with skin)
  3. 2 Small red or green chilies
  4. 3 small cloves of Garlic
  5. Salt to taste.
  6. Red paprika
  7. Vegetable oil
Kitchen tools:
  1. Cutting board
  2. Sharp Knife
  3. Deep frying pan or skillet

Another recipe with minimal or simple ingredients you are just about to cook.

Step 2: Chop Chop

Grab your cutting board and chop chilies and garlic finely.
Cut boiled potatoes into bite size pieces , about 1".

Turn on your stove and jump to next step

Step 3: Little Sauteing

We will saute chilies and garlic to garnish our Aloo-methi.

  1. Heat about 1/2 teaspoon of oil in a small frying pan.
  2. Saute chopped garlic and chilies until golden brown (See Images above)
Remove it from stove and keep it aside.

Step 4: Little More Sauteing

Turn on your stove again and heat about 1 tsp of oil in deep frying pan or skillet

  1. Once the oil is heated Spread the oil evenly in the pan by moving the pan in circular motion (Image 1).
  2. Adjust to medium-high flame.
  3. Put cut potato pieces in the pan (Image 2) and stir nicely such that a light coat of oil is formed around pieces.
  4. Add salt to taste.
  5. Put a dash of red paprika (Image 3) and stir
  6. Now add a little less than handful of Kasuri Methi and stir (Image 4)
  7. Stir to make sure potatoes are nicely covered in leaves and hints of golden brown edges are visible. (Image 5)
  8. Turn off stove. Transfer the content in a dish leaving the residue leaves in the pan (they wont tastes good)
Almost ready... :)

Step 5: Serving

Add sauteed chili garlic and mix well. Serve hot with tomato sauce or Chutney (I posted a delicious Chutney recipe yesterday, and seems like people liked it)

Isn't it simple and tempting :).

Thank you for your time to read this ible. If you have any questions, please do let me know in the comments below.

I hope you have liked this ible. Please do share your experience if you choose to make one.

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Stay tuned :)

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    13 Discussions


    4 years ago

    First vegetable I cookd was Alloo methi....Whn I ws in 12th standard. ...that ws fun.....nd its my favorite .......with garam garam fulka..nd desi ghee on it ...yyyymmmm

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Tarun, is there any reason I couldn't use fresh fenugreek leaves rather than dried? Just that I prefer fresh herbs to dry if both are available.

    2 replies

    Oh, you can definitely use fresh fenugreek leaves, it will just increase the cooking time a little more. Like I said in the introduction, it is an instant version :).

    When you put fresh leaves, you need to cook them well else they will taste much bitter than the dried ones. I like to tell you that the original recipe for Indian Aloo Methi is actually made using the fresh leaves, plus it has some extra spice ingredients.

    Thanks, Tarun. I actually like bitter taste. Kareela's a bit too bitter but I really like the Chinese type. I can't make Indian food as spicy hot as I like as too much heat brings on migraines but I'll check out what other spices are used as I've got quite a wide range of different Asian spices. Thanks for the heads up.


    5 years ago on Step 5

    looks delish. Im a fan of the sauteed potato in its many forms, thankyou.

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh wow that looks so delicious! And you made it in a hotel? That's fantastic!! ... love potatoes... love garlic... love chilies... probably love fenugreek, I just don't know yet... or don't know that I know. :-) Will give this a try for sure!!

    1 reply

    Thank you so much :), I am so glad you liked it. It was a studio room in Extended Stay America. Fenugreek is known for its bitter taste, if you like Indian food, you will love it.