Indian Flag Fishtail on Fingers




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hello this is my 3rd I am just a beginner but I have made a necklace a fortune teller I hope u can make this things in your flag too

Step 1: What We Need

We need some blue bands,orange,green,white and I forgot a hook too so get starting

Step 2: Taking the Bands

First take in the Indian flag order to start put the order like this in pic 1 First orange the white then green

Put the orange band like A figure 8 and then white like normally and green normally

Step 3: Putting the Band Up

Then take the last band up on the green band and drop it then add a new orange band the colors you drop you have to put the same color like pic 1 and pic 2

Step 4: Keep Repeating

Keep repeating step 3 till the half way

Step 5: Half Way Through

Now we have made it half way through now I will show you in pic 1 now it looks now add a blue band in between above the white and then continue

Step 6: The Final Step

Now leave it and and hook it with a c clip u clip or any other clip or just tie a knot I

I HOPED you liked it if you need any help just tell me and comment if u liked it



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