Indian Mackerel Curry

You will need:

Indian Mackerel Curry

Ingredients: Curry Leaves,kokum (dry),Tamarind,Oil 2tsp,Turmeric powder,Onions,Tomatoes,Red chilies,Ginger, Garlic,CurryLeaves,Coconut Milk and obvious the fish(INDIAN MACKERELor "surmai "or SEER fish :marinated with turmeric powder, lemon juice,salt)

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Step 1: Add Oil and Curry Leaves

Let it fry for few moments..

Step 2: Add Other Ingridents

The recipe for this legendary curry is really quite simple

After frying the curry leaves

Add paste


kokum (1-3)

tamarind(2-3 tsp)

salt (2 tsp) one by one

Stir well and put on the lid for few moments

Step 3: End Step

Add coconut milk and stir well and you are quite ready to your last step

Serve with rice

Watch the video for streamline process

Delighting your friends and families with Indian cuisine will always be a great idea for any occasion,

why waiting start making and let me know how you like it.


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    3 years ago

    Superb Indian cuisine ..will sure try it !!!