Indian Pakistani Wedding Makeup

Introduction: Indian Pakistani Wedding Makeup

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Start off with bare lids, make sure skin is free of dirt or grease. Apply a suitable primer.

I’m using this pearl white color as the base color and as the highlighting shade. Apply this color all over the lids.

Step 1: The Purple

Load the brush with this beautiful purple color and use this on the outer corner of the eye working halfway into the crease.

Step 2: Depth and Define

Load an angle brush with matt black color and define the corner of the lids and blend it out with the purple color. Depending on the way you apply the black color you could change the shape of your eyes. Pls check my instructable "Achieve a different eye shape using eyeliner....."

Step 3: Blues and Gold

Load your brush with some blue color and apply it on the centre of the lid and blend it out.

Use this gold color to the inner corner of the eyes and blend into the blue color. And on the tear duct area as well. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture for this step. I’ve forgot to take one.

Apply some of the purple we used earlier below the lower lash line. And line the water line with black kohl or eyeliner pencil.

Step 4: Finishes

Line your eyes with liquid or gel eye liner.

Define your brows and apply the pearl white color we used earlier to highlight the brow bone.

Apply mascara; if you wish to go to a dramatic look add falsies.

Clean fall outs, finish up with foundation, blush, contouring and I would recommend using a neutral color lipstick since eye makeup is bold.

If you enjoyed please vote and if you try it out share a pic :)

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