Indian Sweet Choclate Khalakand or Burfi




Introduction: Indian Sweet Choclate Khalakand or Burfi

- Khalakand is one of the famous indian sweet prepared with two ingredients sugar and milk.

-It is easy to make and tastes extremely scrumptious with soft grainy texture.

-Adding choclate gives more flavour and melts in mouth.

Ingredients required:

750 milk

half a cup of sugar

cocoa/ 50g choclate or choclate pudding powder

lime juice

cardamom powder

nuts and raisins

Step 1: Preparation of Indian Cottage Cheese Paneer:

-Indian cottage cheese or paneer is main ingredient for khalakand.

-let`s see its preparation which is very easy.

-Take about 500 ml milk in a bowl and bring to boil. When milk starts boiling add lemon juice.

-Milk starts curdling and you can see yellowish liquid whey.

Step 2: Whey Seperation:

-Take a strainer and cheese cloth.Pour the curdling in to cheese cloth.

-Drain little water and wash so that you get rid of lime smell.

-squeeze and tie the cloth tightly and hang on the tap so that excess water starts dripping down.

-After some time remove the cloth and take the crumbled paneer.

-we need crumbled paneer and not thick cubes so we are not proceeding for further steps to get paneer cubes.

-We proceed further steps with this crumbled paneer.

Step 3: Preparation of Thick Condensed Milk:

-Take another 250ml milk in a wide vessel.

-Reduce the flame and milk should be boiled until it is reduced to takes about 20 mins.

-once milk quantity is reduced dissolve cocoa in little milk and add to this.

-If your using choclate you can melt it directly by adding in milk.

(you can also use directly store bought condensed milk and mix paneer and cacoa )

Step 4: Adding Crumbled Panner:

-Next important step is to add crumbled panner . Mix properly .

-Add sugar,cardamom powder and raisins.

-Keep it in reduced flame until it forms like a paste or else their are chances for base to burn if flame is high.

Step 5: Final Step:

-Transfer the prepared khalakand on to baking sheet.

-Allow to set for 20 minutes. cut in to slices.

-Garnish with nuts and raisins and enjoy.



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