Indian-inspired Collar Necklace




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One of my friends was recently married, and posted pictures of her beautiful Indian wedding. While looking at all the beautiful jewelry, I was inspired to make my own collar style necklace from beads I had kicking around and a few shiny double hole spacers.

The materials I used were some 8mm round beads and 6mm matching round beads, two of each type of spacer (round and flowers), 1 middle spacer, a double hole teardrop crystal, some 4 and 6mm jumprings, some wire guardians, Tigertail-type nylon wire, some gold head pins, gold crimp beads and a gold lobster clasp.

I used basic stringing and wire techniques to make this, including stringing (of course), crimping, single wire loops and a wire-wrapped loop.

Please see each picture for some hints and tips on how to make your own!



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