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Welcome to my Tutorial.

This tutorial will help you to make your own 3D printed and finished Holy Grail like the one seen in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In the picture is my finished grail with other pieces of my Indiana Jones prop replica collection.

Warning: This is a prop cup, and should never be used in place of a real cup, the paints used are not safe for ingestion, please do not use it in this way.

What you will need:

-Dimensioned drawing (provided)

-3D modeling software or Grail model (provided)

-3D printer or use 3D Hubs

-Various grit sandpaper

-Testor's Contour Putty

-Rustoleum Painter's Touch Red Primer Spray Paint


-Brown, Burgundy, Black and White acrylic paints

-Gold Leaf Rub n' Buff

-Disposable Latex Gloves

Step 1: Design

Using the dimensional drawing I created all dimensions are in MM. Sketch out the profile on the 3D modeling software of your choice, personally I used Solidworks.

You only need to sketch half the cup, and then make a revolve feature, then export to .STL format. You can see the renders of my completed model.

Then you need to find a source for 3D printing the file. I highly suggest 3D hubs, as I've found many printers locally to help me with various projects.

I have included the .STL format of the file I created and printed for everyone to use if you don't have the capabilities to make the model yourself.

Step 2: Cleanup and Paint Prep

After you have your grail printed out, it should look something like the first picture.

The next step is to do some cleanup, start by sanding the cup using 100 grit sand paper and work up to some higher grit sand paper.

I had to do some filling, so I used my preferred method which is Contour Putty from Testors. It helps to fill in the gaps in the 3D print.

After applying the putty, let it dry, and then sand it as smooth as you can. (I didn't mind some lines)

The grail is now ready for some paint.

Step 3: Base Paint Coat

Base coat your grail. I used Rustoleum Painter's Touch Red Primer spray paint.

This particular paint bonds with plastic and the colour will give you a base that makes the grail look like red clay which is what the original prop was made from. The Rustoleum paint takes a full 7 days to fully cure and bond with the plastic to have a durable surface.

Step 4: Main Body Painting

This is where you have to decide how you want it to look and when you are satisfied with the result.

Start out by dry brushing brown acrylic paint all over the outside of the cup. Let dry.

Then mix burgundy and black on a palette, and brush that on, in small amounts. Let dry.

Then mix white with the last mixture, and brush that on, in small amounts. Let dry.

Step 5: Final Painting / Rub N' Buff

So you are finally ready for the last steps to finish off your grail.

Time to use rub n' buff. Rub n' buff is a waxy oil paste that you apply to the surface in small amounts, often rubbing it into the piece in a circular motion. When the wax dries which takes seconds, you can buff the surface to make the wax shine like polished metal.

I use disposable latex gloves for application, if you don't the wax will get all over your hands and will take some effort to remove, but it will wash off.

Using gold leaf rub n' buff, smear some lines on the exterior of the cup in irregular patterns.

Apply the rub n' buff to the interior of the cup and rim in a circular rubbing motion. Let dry, and then buff the areas you applied with an old dishrag.

Finally, using some watered down white acrylic paint, apply some of the paint to the outside of the cup is various area to give it a bit of a dusty look.

And there you have it, your very own 3D printed and painted Indiana Jones Holy Grail Replica :)



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    Awesome. . . that's all there is to say! Awesome. . . it deserves a second reference.

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    This is the cup of a craftsman :)