Indiana Jones Tomb Cake




Introduction: Indiana Jones Tomb Cake

As you can see (hopefully) this is a cake based on the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The first part of this instructable will be a candle that bears a passing resemblance to the idol. 

As always, if you have any questions, please ask.  :)

Things you will need:

Cake (home baked or bought)
Fondant (  "    "     "    "  )
Gel Colours
Water and Brush
A bit of clean, clear plastic under each cake makes it easier to move stuff around but isn't needed.
A Lazy Susan makes things easier but, again, isn't needed.

For the candle:

Wax colouring or crayon
Gold Paint
Tin Foil

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Step 1: Candle Mold

I used tin foil to make a really basic mold, made a hole for the wick, which I threaded through and bunged with a bit of blu tac then propped it in a tissue box.  

Make sure you've propped the wick up to stop it from dropping into the mold. Then fill with the wax. 
I used plain white wax with a yellow and brown crayon melted in. 

Step 2: Carve the Candle

Once its set it will come out like a weird earwaxy blob! But then get carving!   I used a scalpel and a tooth pick.  If you put the original idol next to mine they look very different but I'm happy with it.  Obviously, you can put more time into yours if you like.

I then spritzed it with a bit of gold spray paint.
Make sure you don't spray too near the wick. 

Step 3: Cake Hat!

Now on to the cake...sort of...

I decided to make a faux cake for the top tier because there's already too much cake for the people who will be eating it.

I cat a section of card, cut slits into the top, folded them in then taped it. You can use anything the right shape for this part as long as its light and clean.

I rolled out some grey fondant, cut it to size and glued it on. I then cut out some small shapes and strips and stuck them on with a touch of water.  (water dissolves the sugar a bit and makes it sticky)

I seemed to have mislaid the process photos but I've put some final pictures so you get the jist. (I will add them later if i find them)

Step 4: Actual Cake Part

I used some simple sponge cake in square pans and cut them into three. Each tier is roughly four cm smaller than the last. 
Put a crumb coat on each one and leave it in the fridge or cold room to set.  
Once set, prop the cakes up on something (the red topped jar in the photo) and drape your rolled up fondant over it.

I didn't have a third hand to take a photo of this part but if you have never done it before there are lots of detailed video tutorials available elsewhere. 

Step 5: Stack 'em Up!

Stick some bakery tube things into the base, slap some buttercream 'glue' on the top then stack the next tier. Then repeat. 

It doesn't have to be super neat at this point but I do recommend gently pinching the edges to get a more defined edge.

Step 6: Start to Decorate

Roll out some more grey fondant and cut into inch-ish squares.  Mess them up a bit. I used a scrunched up bit of tin foil to get a nice texture.

Step 7: Continue to Decorate...

Methodically 'glue' (with buttercream again) the squares to the cake. Try to match them up to make it look like big blocks of stone. Depending on how precise you've been with measurements you might have to make adjustments to the blocks as you go. 

Step 8: The Details and Presentation

Once you've finished the blocks, use the extra fondant to make more little details. At this point it might be nice to make personalized bits, like names, flags, etc...

Use a little bit of green fondant to make some greenery.  This was all sculpted by eye but if you have leaf cutters that would be cool too. 

Add definition and moss with gel colours

I've used brown sugar to pack around the bottom so it sits nicely on the tray and looks more authentic. :)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! Great present you can eat and keep. Nom nom cake part and then lovely candle for a keepsake. Great work! :-)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! Very creative idea and a very cool looking cake!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you!
    I have entered but it's being moderated.

    Fingers crossed!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I will vote for ya, I think this is great! :)