Indirect BBQ Grilling or Smoking

Simply solution to indirect grilling or smoking in a kettle BBQ.

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Step 1: Gather Bricks and Arrange

Gather your bricks you wish to use. The preferred bricks to use are the fireproof ones but red ones should be okay. I used 1 full sized brick and the other 3/4. If you need more space to hold your coals, then use 2 full bricks or adjust to your preference.

Simply start your charcoals in a chimney starter then place in between bricks and the curved wall. This wall will contain your lit and unlit fuel as well as your smoke wood. Compared to banking the charcoal, or using baskets, this will hold more unlit charcoal which means you’ll be adding unlit charcoal less often. The bricks also provide heatsink for more indirect cooking and temperature maintenance.

The cost is less than $10.00 or more if you choose to use fire bricks. Enjoy!

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