Indoor Carpet Baby Sled

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So, I'm a new dad with a 10 month old baby girl. I made this instrucable to show how a few minutes of time, an old diaper box and a couple other pieces can bring loads of fun.

Ok so here's what you'll need...

An old box

And old belt

An old car seat liner or old blanket.

3 minutes

Step 1: Indoor Carpet Baby Sled

Step 1.

Open all sides of box except one little one which you will fold in.

If your box has carry holes use these as a marker for your cut. Make a slit to push your belt through. Next push your belt end through and loop through buckle.

Make sure the buckle is on the outside of the box to prevent baby from hurting herself on it.

Place old blanket or carseat liner in box and away we go!

Step 2: Have the Most Fun With Your Little Human.

Once all the parts are together. Place your baby child in the box and slide along your carpet.

Here's the final product.




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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    8 months ago

    My kids wanted to be pushed around in boxed for hours. The belt idea would have been a real back saver. Good idea.

    1 reply