Indoor Herb Garden Shelf




I wanted to keep growing my herbs all winter inside. So we build this shelf from copper rain gutter. Planted the herbs and there it is, still growing!!

Step 1: Indoor Herb Garden Shelf

We wanted to bring our herbs in for the winter, so we decided to build a shelf.

Step 2: Here's What You Will Need to Build Your Shelf.

Back panel your choice of size and color.

7 ft of rain gutter or more if you want your shelves bigger.

2 end caps per shelf

5/8 self tapping screws

silicone for around the end caps so the water doesn't drip out.

Step 3: How to Build This Shelf

Cut your back panel to the size you would like your shelf to be.

To cut the rain gutter we made a block 3/4" profile of the gutter by tracing the end, this makes it easier to cut without damaging the gutter.

We cut it with our mitre saw but you could use a hack saw with a fine tooth blade.

We screwed each shelf to the back board over hanging some shelves.

We put the end caps on and siliconed each one so it would not leak.

Step 4: How to Plant Your Herbs

Now is time to fill your planter with your favorite herbs, flowers, or what ever you like.

I put small gravel in the bottom for drainage.

filled if with good quality soil.

I took my herbs from outside but you could buys new one or plant seeds.

I changed it at christmas time as you see in this picture.

I hope you create a beauitful indoor garden.



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    2 years ago

    your herbs look amazing. What's your secret?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you very much, my secret is good drainage, good soil, and a sunny window. Give it a try