Indoor Pet Barrier - Make It Yourself


Introduction: Indoor Pet Barrier - Make It Yourself

If you’re like me, you love pets, but you don’t like their hair and dirt all over the house. I wanted a solution! I looked at pet barriers in specialty pet catalogs; however, I didn’t find any tall enough to keep cats secluded to an area. Cats can climb or jump over almost anything.

Since I couldn’t find what I wanted, I started searching for materials that I could use to build my own pet barrier. I went to Home Depot and found everything I needed to build this 57.5″ tall x 135″ wide pet barrier.

Get a list of materials and instructions at ImagineMechanix.



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I have a wide entrance in my den that I've been racking my brain about building a cat barrier for that's not ugly or inconvenient for people to use. This is perfect! Thanks for uploading your project. I'm off to the hardware store...


2 years ago

Could this be modified to fit a carpeted room that spans 144 inches across? Could I possibly secure to walls with the industrial velcro strips? I do not want to destroy the paint or drill as it is a studio apartment with strict policies. :(

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I think the answer is yes to both of your questions. In order to adhere to the wall with velcro srtips, I think you'll need to hinge 2x2s to your last trellis frames. You would put the velcro on the 2x2s.

They make outdoor extensions to fences to inhibit cat climbing, perhaps a roof-like section over the top, say 6 inches deep, could hinder mountain-climbing cats?

I like it I want to do this out of the plastic ones for my kids. Just to have to find out if they are toxic to baby's