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Intro: Indoor Snowboard Trainer

Have you ever been dying to snowboard but then you realize it is still summer? With the Indoor Snowboard Trainer you can practice all year round!


  • A deck I used a spooner board but you can use an skateboard deck or any thing else you find that you can use.
  • Strong glue. I strongly recommend Goop Household glue because it is flexible and won't crack when bouncing
  • Old pair of shoes
  • Clamps (recommended)
  • Strong tape I used Gaffer Tape (optional, only use it you want to be able to remove shoes from board)
  • Bosu ball or trampoline (It is really fun even if you don't have either)

Step 1: Tape and Trace

Skip the tape part if you want it to be permanent. Put tape around the area that your shoes will be. Then put on the shoes, stand in a comfortable stance and have someone trace the shoes.

Step 2: Clean the Surfaces

Use alcohol wipes to clean both surfaces you are gluing. The board/tape and the shoe.

Step 3: Glue

Add glue to both the shoe and the board. If you do not have clamps wait 2-5 minuets until you stick the two together so it can dry a little to the surface (don't do if you are using a quick drying glue). If you have clamps stick the shoes to the board and put the claps on tight.

Step 4: Wait

Follow the instructions on the glue to find out how long to wait. If you are using Goop Glue wait 24 hour or longer if you want extra strength.

Step 5: Take of the Clamps and Get Reading to Ride

Once the glues has dried take off the clamps and put on the shoes.

Step 6: RIDE!!!!

Start jumping!!!!



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    7 Discussions


    Reply 7 weeks ago

    You're welcome!


    8 weeks ago

    Amazing and cool! I would like to see this done on a trampoline too!


    8 weeks ago on Step 6

    WOW! Such an awesome idea! Now any kid can enjoy learning snowboarding trick without a trip to the mountains.


    Reply 8 weeks ago

    Thanks. It is really fun! :)