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As additional eye-catcher to my kitchen project ( i had the idea to build a walktrough indoor waterfall... so lets start to plan


So the plan was to make it look like real and design as possible so i decided to take the same room design and concept as i took for my kitchen project.i wanted to pass over a bridge and the waterfall to process to the kitchenroom... so i started with drawing a concept

Step 2: Re-building the Floor and Installing Waterfall-elements

While rebuilding my kitchenroom, the hallway was also completly destroyed and rebuilded, after the walls were back in place i started to cut out the lines for the waterpipes and the waterfallbuckets, i found them in a store and they cost only 40 Euro each and were supposed to be installed in gardenplaces. next step was to plaster the walls and the installation in the hallway was done.

Step 3: Building the Pumpstation in Basement (directly Under the Floor)

Now i needed a place where i could build the waterbucket and install the waterpumps, so i had a small room left under the hallway and that was just the perfect spot to build the bucket, so i builded the bucket with bricks and plaster it with waterresistant roughcast. i installed 2 waterpumps, 1 pump for each waterfallbucket so i was sure to have enough pressure on the waterpipe because the water had to be pumped up 4 meters.

Step 4: Waterfall-hallway-floor

to drain the water back into the pump room i installed a showerinlay, so i could be sure to have enough gradient and even that was easyier because i wanted to have the look of an riverbed, so i could use some gravel mosaic tiles.

I made on each side two stairs so the bridge would be higher then the floor and it looks more floating.

Step 5: First Testrun

So, finally everything was ready, the electrics where set and
all was sealed... time for the first test run

Step 6: Installing Bridge and Cutting to Fit

i installed a stainless steel frame and took kumaru plates for the footbridge, what i had to trimseveral times until they finally fitted

Step 7: Finish Decor and Painting

so... everything done after a long long time, adding color to the walls, varnishing the wood, installing the plexiglas covers for the waterfall, (P.S they still have their blue protective film on it) and voila project done

Step 8:

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    4 months ago

    Great way of having the water run under the main concourse


    1 year ago

    average guy, thanks god you're just this. what a crazy superb job !

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    this my friend is amazing and so well documented
    bravo !

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