Indoor Cheap Mini Air Plant Holder With Light Reflector, Humidity Tray and Plant Label

Introduction: Indoor Cheap Mini Air Plant Holder With Light Reflector, Humidity Tray and Plant Label

There are two basic needs an air plant always require, that is high illumination and air flow with high humidity, both of which are not found indoor. Oftentimes those who kept air plant indoor always prefer the comfort room as a suitable place. What about if we want to display and enjoy our air plants in the living room and we dont have time to spray or soak them in water often. The only solution is to buy expensive humidifier that is both maintence worry and a burden with our electric bills.

I developed this instructable to enable air plant grower, place their pride collection in any area without the worry of not meeting the least possible requirements for the plant, although i do advice to use near but not close a south facing windows for the light requirements.

The humidity tray is just a method to prevent fast moisture lost and prolong the interval of soaking the plant, but it is still advisable to deep the plant in suitable water every two weeks.

The Plant belt makes it easier to remove the plant for soaking then returning it with drips safely collected in the humidity tray.

The CD at the back reflect and collect light in different spectrum for extra illumination.

I did use the same method for my mini orchids and its doing fine. I dont even have to water my plants everyday. The moisture produce from the evaporating water of the humidity tray is enough. Sometimes I use Orchid Fertilizer with water to feed flowering plants.

AIR PLANT or TILANDIAS are actually plants that thrive on air moisture and sunlight (Epiphyte). Instead of using roots they actually absorved water via their leaves.

In nature they are mostly found attached in trees, objects and rock walls using a system of false root to secure themselves. They are found in temperate location where there are lots of moisture. 

Step 1: Gathering Materials and Tools

Most of the material being used are recycled, but i did spend a little for the Pentel Pen 15 pesos each Php. cost 30 pesos and for the double adhesive which cost me 20 pesos. The plant label was from a plant I previously bought.

Main Material                                                                        Tools
1. Empty Powder case or simillar                                    1. Scissor
2. junk CD silver base                                                        2. Red and Blue Penter, water proof
3. Hanging plant label                                                        3. Double adhesive
4. piece of Colored Cotton cloth
5. used lace or ribbon
6. Small plastic leaves or as prefer

Step 2: Preparing the Empty Powder Case

1. Measure an inch from the case bottom, cut using a scissor  along from side to side.
2. Cut from the front middle section going to the top part.
3. Cut along the upper part removing the entire Lid portion.
4. Open the finished cutout and draw the guide as indicated in picture # 6
    You can be imaginative and creative with your guide for as long as it follows the three
    basic parts; a. CD holder  part, b. Plant belt, c. Humidity cloth hanger.
5. Cut along the entire guide carefully.

Step 3: Desining the Case

(Designing is as per your imagination, concept or desire)

1. Paint the entire interior front part with red pentel pen.
2. Paint the Plant belt with blue pentel pen.
3. Cut a piece of colored cloth in a "long tounge shape" that will lightly exceed the width of the hanger part. The lenght should also be able to touch the humidity tray.
4. Insert the arrow part of the cloth to the upper opening of the hanger, going to the back, then inserting to the lower opening going to the front.
5. Arrange the cloth like a small curtain touching the humidity tray.
6. Put a double adhesive along the lid of the humidity tray part.
7. Stick the blue lace/ribbon along the bottom part of the double adhesive.
8. Stick the small plastic leaves along the entire remaining double adhesive creating a lotus patern or arrow part of each leaf upward and outward along the lid of the humidity tray.

Step 4: Finishing

1. Attached CD by inserting the two flaps in the CD hole.
2. Attached label using double adhesive on the CD top portion to serve as hanger.
3. Attached the small leaf design at upper and lower ends of the label.
4. pour water with fertilizer in the humidity tray, water will automatically soak the cloth by
   capillary action.
5. Attached the air plant conveniently with its proportion using the plant belt.
6. Hang near a south facing window and enjoy.

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