Indoor Water Fountain/feature

Introduction: Indoor Water Fountain/feature

This is a indoor water feature made using a old 'goldfish bowl' a pump and other household items:) and in my opinion adds a nice water trickling sound and something 'pretty' to look at:)

Oh and sorry for the trackies im wearing i know i bit chavvy but its what i do my projects in beacuse i end up getting covered in muck or water or something:L

Step 1: Gather All the Stuff Your Going to Need

this is what you will need:
a small pump this was actually a small filter but i sawed that bit off to just leave the pump (sorry forgot to take pics) a small piece of hose pipe (or similar tubing to fit your pump) 5 inches is more than enough, a goldfish bowl or similar (you could probably get away with something a little smaller, gravel or pebbles or both of your choosing and a small tupaware box to house the pump (stops gravel getting to it and gives space so there is a body of water for it to pump. Oh and not in the pic you will need water and a bucket to wash the gravel!

Step 2: Ready the 'plumbing'

Get the box and soften the plastic with a lighter i used a tuboflameXD and then with a small knife twist a hole just big enough for the hose pipe push it through so its snug. easy! then connect the pump inside the box to the hose and make sure it all fits if it does congrats:)

Step 3: Add Other Holes for Water to Enter and Pressure Equalization

Using the same method to make the whole for the hose pipe make 1 hole on each face and an extra 2 on the top

Step 4: Trim the Hose Pipe

simple enough trim the hose to the top of the bowl

Step 5: Wash and Use Gravel

now the gravel that you buy from a garden center or in my case B&Q will be all dust and dirty so in order for the water coming through the feature to be nice and clean you need to wash the gravel stick it in a bucket and get a hose pipe and add lots of water till its going over the edge of the bucket keep the water running until it goes clear ( move the gravel about with your hand or the hose to get it all clean)

Step 6: Add All Components Together

Put the box and pump/hose assembly inside the bowl and them add gravel, try not to get gravel inside the box as i got a tiny bit in and it jammed my pump so it all had to be taken out and the gravel removed. i added some water before i added the gravel and turned the pump on and added gravel as it was running so then if any gravel did get in i would know half way through instead of at the end.

Step 7: Add or Remove Water

now these small pumps don't need a whole lot of water to work so try to see what the minimum you need is that way it helps to keep things drier and limit mold of whatever. oh yeah and if you didn't add the water while adding the gravel put some in now:)

Step 8: Test, Check, Add Decoration and Enjoy:)

Add pebbles or whatever you want, i was going to spray the bowl with a paint but i don't have any handy but its just a thought for you guys. remember you can alter the flow (with varying degrees of success by placing pebbles on or around the to of the hose. Enjoy

This is my first intsructable and i hoped you have fun making it if you have any comments i'd love to hear them:)

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    5 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Yes nice idea but wouldn't a drill be easier than melt and dig


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This would be a fun addition to my house in the winter, to humidify the air to treat my asthma. I recommend adding a few drops of bleach every other day to prevent bacterial growth.

    dan moulton
    dan moulton

    11 years ago on Introduction

    That could also be a hyrdoponic setup for herbs or such without much modification. Nice one. I had something like this for my cat to drink out of, they seem to like running water.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah i've heard alot of pet owners say this and yeah a hydroponic set up could work but my window ledge is already full of plants so don't need the hassle of any more lol glad to hear you like it thanks:)