Introduction: Induction

Induction are electrons moving by a change in magnetic field, generated by a magnet inside a coil. The output voltage depends on the amount of loops in the coil and the speed you move the magnet.

When moving your magnet inside the coil the coil generates the other poles magnetic field to stop the movement. This means when you move south inside the coil it generates north with generates the power. This does only mean that power gets generated as long the magnet is in movement. It have to be along the coil and not turned inside the coil.

!!!***---NOTICE---***!!! The facts in this project may be different in your country as i learned this is my danish school, the theories can be different. My English is also bad, if you are having problems reading please just ask.

I'm aware this is not a project but its still describe how to make induction and thought it were needed in here.

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Step 1: AC/DC

I don't know if you know this yet... but it is important when you speak about induction that you know there's 2 kind of power. They are named AC and DC. To explain this most simple DC is a constant power, AC go changing which means it changing from negative to a positive pole it send. This is a kind of hard to explain on text but explaining it when you do the induction is better.

When you move the magnet one way only through the coil you get DC as its a constant and it dont changes poles or direction. When you move the magnet up and down through the coil you generate AC as the direction changes and so does the poles.

Step 2: Where Is Induction Used?

Induction is used everywhere we generate power, In this example it's meant to be like a windmill. A normal windmill would have it all inside the house on top, but its easier to build this in educational projects.

In this its made bu using a motor as the outside blades turned by the wind, to rotate the round magnet to change the magnetic field in the coil to generate power. As told before the more loops the more power it generates but in this case it need a bigger iron core inside. As the magnet is turning outside the core a iron cores is used to generate the changing magnetic field inside the coil. Do remember the more loops inside the coil the more thin your wires get. the thinner they get then more resistance you get in them.

it's also used in transformation, which I'm also making a project about.

It's also used in most kitchens in stoves, to make food by generating heat in the metal in the pot.

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