Inductive 3D Printed Fan

Introduction: Inductive 3D Printed Fan

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Have you always wanted your own personalized desk fan?

I'm sure you have, and today you can learn how,...with resources listed!

3-D printing has never kept you so cool!

Step 1: Print the Fan!

If you already have a 3D printer, or have access to one,...or want to pay someone like, then start by going to the following link:

Here you will find the file for this fan. You can adjust the total size of the print to better match your motor.

Here is the motor I am using:

Step 2: How to Power

You can see I also wrapped the motor with a cloth to prevent any vibrating.

I soldered the motor wires to a mini-usb female piece.

Like below a Qi charging fob is then plugged into the mini-usb.

I wanted to utilize Inductive Charging for this project, what is that? ?

You can find out more or purchase the inductive units at:

Well here is a small video:

Step 3: Personalize

Lastly I went onto my AutoDesk Inventor and created my personalized name plate.

Simply measure the opening where the motor was placed, create a circle and add text!


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