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Safety is paramount when dealing with bottles that may be slippery and are certainly cold. Follow these simple steps to avoid tragic spills, drops, and cold hands when enjoying frosty bottles.

Step 1: Don't Open the Bottle - Yet.

Refreshing beverages are vital to maintaining hydration and good spirits - but don't get too hasty!

Rip off a strip of duct, gaff, or packing tape ~2" longer than the circumference of the bottle. Then lay it out on a flat, hard surface sticky side up.

Fold a paper towel or shop rag width-wise, and lay it longway on the last 2" (50mm) of the tape.

Roll the bottle and the paper towel up, making sure the towel is good and tight against the bottle. Keep rolling until the tape is fully wrapped around and secure.

Test the tightness by picking up the bottle via the cozy. If it falls out, you need to begin again with a fresh beverage and wrap it tighter.

You can now open your beverage, secure in the security of your grasp!

This is reusable by sliding the empty bottle out, and gently sliding in a full bottle. Number of times you can reuse it - depends on how dirty your hands are and how good the tape is!

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