Industrial Hand Rail



Introduction: Industrial Hand Rail

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Check out this quick and easy tutorial on making an Industrial Hand Rail.

Materials Needed.

2" Square Tubing

1" round tubing


Matte Clear Coat Enamel

Tools Needed

Angle Grinder

Metal Cutting Saw ( I use EVOLUTION RAGE 3)

Welder ( Lincoln MIG 210MP)

Grinding Wheels

Wire Wheel

Safety Wear

Welding Helmet (Lincoln Viking)

Welding Gloves

Welding Jacket

Safety Glasses


Neoprene Gloves

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Step 1: Cut Your Parts to Size

Grab your favorite cutting tool. Whether it is the good ole abrasive disc on the grinder, chop saw, bandsaw or a mitre saw with a carbide wheel like mine here from Evolution Power Tools

Step 2: Mock Up Your Layout for External Frame

Mock up the outside framing and chamfer the ends to give the weld some room to penetrate the metal.

Step 3: Tack Tack Tack

Tack weld your framing together. After your frame is tacked, go ahead and layout your interior bars. Using a spacer and clamps to make sure it is uniform. First tack into place, then finish weld.

Step 4: Finish Weld

Finish weld all your tacks working your way around your project.

Step 5: Grind and Prep

Grind this SOB to a smooth surface, then wipe down with Acetone. I finish with Clear Coat matte enamel.

To Mount the rail, drill through the bottom framing and secure to flooring with lag screws leaving the heads exposed. Then attach to wall doing the same.

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