Industrial Lamp Power Station


Introduction: Industrial Lamp Power Station

I've always been interested in industrial furnishings for the home, man-cave style!

Functional and original, its a power station that is simple with multiple uses and unique!

Step 1: Military Explosive Box

Filled with 5" of cement (40lb bag) for stability and weight.

Drilled 5 holes...3 on top, and one on front, one on back.

Ran 12 gauge wiring throughout...

Added hooks on back to hold coiled wiring.

Step 2: Metal Piping and Outlets

Inserted metal piping into holes in military box, and added (3) outlet boxes, (3) lights, and (1) switch box.

Ran 12 gauge wiring into piping, to outlet boxes, switch box, and lights.



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This would be cool if it was an instructable

1 reply

Yes, I agree, thank you for the input. I do a lot of creating, and only just joined this site. I will definitely keep it in mind for the future.

I appreciate your advice!