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This project was a gift for my Dad to put in his man cave. The premise is to use EMT conduit and fittings as the building blocks for a lamp. This architecture allows for countless configurations and is very simple to make. I've made a number of these. In addition to the various pieces of conduit, fittings, wire and gas cans, this lamp utilized the items listed below.


USB Charger/Receptacle

2x Candelabra bases

Lamp Kit

Extension Cord

Light Switch

3x Outlets

Step 1: Planning

Start by drawing out what you intend for your lamp to look like. This can be anything from a napkin sketch to CAD model. At this point, it is important to capture the required components and rough dimensions. Once you're satisfied with with your design, create a list of all the required components and go shopping!

Step 2: Rough Build

In this step, use your design from the previous step to start cutting and assembling the conduit pieces of the lamp. Always cut your conduit pieces longer than necessary and trim them to achieve the desired proportions. Don't fully tighten any fittings just yet.

Step 3: Wire/Final Assembly

Now add the electrical switches and outlets to the appropriate covers and wire accordingly. If you're not comfortable with wiring 120 VAC, bring your components to a trusted electrician and have them do it for you.

Before you attached all the cover plates and add lamp shades, add light bulbs, plug in your lamp and verify all the functions work appropriately. Make any necessary adjustments. Once fully functional, complete final assembly of all cover plates, lamp shades, etc... Enjoy!



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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! This is my first instructable... I wasn't even sure anyone would look at it! The image below is the lamp that sits on my desk at work.

    2015-06-30 06.11.25.jpg