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Introduction: Industrial Modern Shelving and Gaming Cabinet

About: I am currently a full time Engineer with a Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree, hence the "eliteMET". I really would like to do, make, create, and experience large projects but I seem to MAcGyver things...

My wife and I recently purchased a home together and we are slowly making it "ours". I will provide you with a quick history of the wood used in our Shelving before we built it:
1. Purchase of home.
2. Remove wood paneling and wood beams
3. Notice header across doorway needs to be replaced/reinforced (structural damage)
4. Purchase 14 ft. long Rigidlam Laminated Veneer Lumber (L.V.L.) from Home Depot
5. Cut very long and HEAVY L.V.L.
6. Lift the house 3 inches with a bottle jack and replaced/reinforced header with 10 feet of the L.V.L.
7. Sleep well
8. Drywall, Patch, Paint Living Room
9. I plan out a storage for my game consoles and 3 shelves
10. Wife notices on an episode from HGTV on how to make industrial modern shelving
11. The wife and I know exactly what to do with the other 7 feet of L.V.L.....

After weeks of fixing the living room and planning the built in cabinet next to our fireplace we instantly had a cohesive decision. We then went to Home Depot again to gather the last of our parts for the shelves (all are 3/4"):
14 - Pipe Flanges
7 - 2 inch long Pipe Nipples
4 - Pipe Elbows
3 - 10 inch long Pipe Nipples
1 - 6 inch long Pipe Nipple

The pipe hardware cost around $100 and the left over L.V.L. was around $25 worth.

Finally we used black drywall screws (4 in each flange) to hold the unit together and to the wall and ceiling.

With careful measuring and assembling (use gloves, the pipe hardware stinks) the shelf was put together in 4 hours. 

Be sure to see our Before and After picture! Let me know if you have any questions!

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4 Discussions


6 years ago on Introduction

This is veeeeeeeery nice! Too bad there's no button 'I'll make it!' ;)


6 years ago on Introduction

Great design, and very clean look. If I had a loft with brick, I would do a whole wall. Nicely done.


6 years ago on Introduction

Really like this idea, very simple, very elegant!