Female Instructables Robot




In case you need an Instructables robot.

Because your male instructables robot gets lonely.

Because your four year old daughter asked for a girl robot.

This is my second instructable in my series, "The Way Women reMake Masculine Images in the Maker Movement," in which I am exploring the ways in which females take a feminine object (like a dress) and make it into something else with a masculine image (raygun) or a masculine object and make it into something else with a feminine image or object.

Specifically, I am exploring the feminizing of the masculine technology within the Steampunk and Science Fiction genres of the Maker movement.


Step 1: Materials

Wooden Block that looks like dress. I am using the stereotypically feminine image of a dress on purpose.

Wheels for feet. Well, the Instructable robot has wheels for feet.

Cotter pins for mouth and antenna.

Metal head that looks like a robot face. Mine is, I believe, the covering of a sewing machine motor. Just look for a robot face, you'll find one.

Step 2:

Drill two holes into bottom of wooden block.

Put wheels in holes.

Step 3:

Fashion some way to attach metal head to wooden block.

I drilled two holes.

Step 4:

Add cotter pins and screw to top of head.

Step 5:

Add screws for arms.


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