Industrial Gaming / Working / Everithing Desk



Introduction: Industrial Gaming / Working / Everithing Desk

have you ever been tired of food, slicing, burning, painting, marks on your work station ?
is your battlestation using the same spot as the previous named workstation ?

wel this simple instructable is for you.

This will let you create a pleasent, almost unmarkable and clean working surface.
it's also a great desksize mouse mat !

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Step 1: These MUST Disapear and Never Be Seen Again !

these are the mark i was dealingwith, since my home made desk is nothing more than a melamine plank...

instcutables and wormy hands make a mess, don't they ? :P

Step 2: Brace Yourself

gather the following

tools :
electric drill
utility knife
your bare hands !

Material :
rubber mat (usualy used for storage rooms or  garage) found at your lockal hardware store (for about 2$ / feet)
a few tenth of screws (depending of the size of your desk)
OPTIONAL  hockey tape (the fabric one). Pipes isoling tube (the foam ones) should do the tric (see below)

Other :
about 15 mins of your time
a bag of doritos (totaly NOT optionnal!!!!! )

dificulty level, not even one :P

Step 3: ACTION !

0. mesurment

use a mesurment tape or anything else to mesure your desk to know what size of mat you need

1 . cleen up your mess

every little thing placed unther the mat will create a litle anoying bubble of anoyingness

2 . unroll the mat over

place it over your working survace, with any piece of hardware you want to stand over the kingdom of your fellow projects.

3. cut cut cut

with the utility knife, cut throught the mat to recreate the shape of your desk. go around any sound system parts, desks, steps or aliens you want. 

4. ajust

cut the las little pieces of rubber fliping over or wobbeling and waving throught he desk

optional : use hockey tape to cover the border of your desk, giving it a mathing color, an harder to mark surface and a little hedge protect. 

5. screws time !

place screws (and washer if needed) at the edges of the mat. NOT DIRECTLY THROUGHT THE MAT. you would only damage it and piercing it, since the rubber will move away from the scree head. 
plus, with such a configuration, the mat will be removable for further use. 

Step 4: Enjoyou Now Have

this simple instructable (lifehackwould be more appropriate i thnik.. :P)
is now DONE, and so is your desk !

enjoy your brand new good looking, rubbery clean desk !

as said before, the same material can be use as a mouse mat

+ : detachable, durable, mark resistant,,, looks good (i thinks so :P ), abordable

- : the rubber may smell for a couple hours

Step 5: Thanks

thanks for your time and interest

i hope you like this little easy instructable

please be understanding for the "not too good quality and realy simple project" part, it's my first instructable and i'm not anglophone at all :P

if this one is well recieved i'l recidieve with more pleasent and tricky ones :D

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