Indy 250+ Racing Drone: Setup + Test Flight

Introduction: Indy 250+ Racing Drone: Setup + Test Flight

This video shows how to setup the OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller, the Transmitter & Receiver on the RCTimer Indy 250+ Racing Drone.

The Indy 250+ quad-copter arrives pre-built. You will need to finish the quad set up e.g. add propellers and also calibrate the OpenPilot CC3D flight controller with your transmitter/receiver.

This video will guide you through the process.

Indy 250+ Specifications: Maximum distance between motors: 250mm maximum distance between motors. Motors: RCtimer HP1806 2300kv - pre-installed. ESCs: 20A OPTO BLHeli - pre-installed. CC3D OpenPilot flight control system. Durable carbon fibre construction. PCB/PDB base with 5V and 12V output pins. Plastic composite 450 helicopter style landing gear.



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