Inexpensive Bird House- Built at Techshop

Introduction: Inexpensive Bird House- Built at Techshop

Build an inexpensive bird house at your local techshop

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Collect your materials:

One:23” 1x6
One:18” 1x4,
Eighteen:1 1⁄2” wood screws

Table saw
Drill Press

Step 2: Mill Your Stock

Using the plainer joiner, mill your stock to a 1/2"

Step 3: Cut the Following Pieces

Using the table saw or circle saw, cut out pieces of the following dimensions: \

Cut the 1x6 into three lengths:

10” (for the back),

6 1⁄2” (for the front),

6 1⁄2” (for the roof).

Cut a 15 degree angle on one end of both of the 6 1⁄2” sections.

Step 4: Drilling

Using a hand drill, pre-drill all of the screw holes to pre- vent the wood from splitting, and drill two holes at the top for mounting. Using the drill-press  drill out a 1” hole for the entrance.

Step 5: Assembly

Assemble by screwing all of the pieces together. For seasonal cleaning, remove the four front screws to open up the box.Hang your completed birdhouse in a protected, yet visible spot so you can observe and enjoy the birds that it attracts.

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    3 years ago

    What about the sides please?