Inexpensive Car Phone Holder, Bracket ($1.00)

Introduction: Inexpensive Car Phone Holder, Bracket ($1.00)

About: I prefer to make my own things whenever possible.

My car does not have blue tooth, so I needed a phone holder.

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Step 1: Inexpensive Car Phone Holder, Bracket

Buy a selfie stick from one of many "dollar" stores.

Remove bracket from stick, usually its mounted with a small screw.

Step 2: Use Double Sided Tape

Use double sided tape on all back surfaces of the phone holder, I use 3M brand tape, it works very well

Step 3: Real Estate

Find a nice, convenient area in your dash board on which the phone bracket will fit your needs and install bracket with double sided tape. Use as much tape as possible for the bracket to be stable. I have had mine installed for about two months and it has worked perfectly.

Step 4: Enjoy

Enjoy your success.

Note: I am not suggesting to drive and use the phone, please use common sense and obey all applicable "laws".

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