Inexpensive Crutches



Introduction: Inexpensive Crutches

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All the time people are hurt in their leg area. Well then they go to buy some crutches and they are too expensive. Well do you have 2 wooden boards laying around in your garage? Then you can make free crutches. It takes only a little bit and you make these new stylish crutches.

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Step 1: Find Your Materials and Tools

The supplies you will need:

2 Wooden boards the size of your feet to your arm.

A small dish towel.


An electric saw.

A hot glue gun.

A pencil. 

Step 2: Draw the Crutch on Both Boards

Now it's time to layout the design. Look below for the design of the crutch. Draw this with your pencil on both boards. Once your done with this continue on to the next step! 

Step 3: Cut the Design Out!

 Use the electric saw to cut the design out from the wood board.

Step 4: Add Some Padding to the Arm Rests

 Now time to get your dish towel out! Cut two small strips out from the dish towel that are the size of the arm rests. Warm up the hot glue gun! Use the hot glue gun to glue on the padding!

Step 5: Have Fun!

Use spray paint to add a designated color. ( optional ) Have fun with your new crutches! 

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