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These wall art are so simple to make and cost less than $ 1 per flower. I brought these tissue sheets from Costo for less than $10 and can make more than 14 large flowers. It came in a set of 120 sheets. These can be used to perk up any room and can also be used as Party decoration. I have used these to decorate the back wall of my daughters room. Since i could not paint the room, I thought I can add color with these inexpensive simple DIY flower wall art.

One can use the concept and make smaller sized flowers. Make it multi colored or single color flowers for home or party decorations.

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Step 1: What You Need

-Thin Push Pins - to pin these flower on the wall

-Each flower needs 8 tissue sheets- One can get these as a pack from dollar store for under one dollar or Costco. You can also use differnt colour or single color. For each flower i have used 2 sheets of 4 different color. Blue,Patter,white and pink.

-Any String to tie.

-Scissors to cut

Step 2: How to Lay Paper for Flower

1. I have taken 2 sheets each of 4 different colored paper. The bottom ones are 2 blue, then I lay 2 sheet of geometric designed tissue paper, then top them with 2 sheet of printed white paper lastly app 2 sheets of pink tissue paper. U can use these color pattern or Any you like. Even single colored tissue sheets will work fine but use 8 sheets.

2. Now fold them in the fashion I have shown above in the picture.Keep the breath of each fold to about 1 inche.

3 Tie it in the center

4. Now use a scissor to cut off 2 inches from each ends. Then cut both the ends in reverse V shape. Like the picture above

Step 3: How to Open the Flower

Lay the paper on a table with the center side of the flower on the top. Here I have the pink on tap as the center of the flower.

Gently Pull each sheet out toward the center. Then pull the other half of the pink sheet to the center to make the first circle. Pull each sheet out to the center in a circle.

U will see how beautiful the flower looks. Its simple and easy to make. It can perk up your room in minutes with very little money. I have used it to decorate my daughters room and she loves it .

Step 4: How to Decorate

-Use as a back drop for party food setup area. One can use the party theme color to make the flowers.

-As an inexpensive but beautiful wall art. I have used 4 of these flowers to deck up my daughters room instead of hanging an expensive painting.

-Weave them in a garland and use it to decorate for outdoor party

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