Inexpensive Knife Leather Sheath With Locking Strap Similar to SOG Sheath

Introduction: Inexpensive Knife Leather Sheath With Locking Strap Similar to SOG Sheath

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After reading an article about special forces and SOG (Studies and Observations Group) knives , I decided to make my own leather sheath with a locking strap similar to the SOG sheath.

Create your design on paper and then test for fit.

Step 1: Test Your Paper Model

Test fit the paper, once happy trace to your leather.

Step 2: Tweak It

There will be minor tweaks to fit your knife, here I'm removing a small piece of leather so it fits snugly around the handle.

Step 3: Stitch It

To stitch it, I decide to use picture hanging wire I bought from the dollar store.

The holes I drilled them with a small drill bit at 1/2 inch apart.

Easily threaded the wire using the saddle stitch.

Step 4: Add a Lock to Your Strap

This will come in handy when I go mountain biking so I will not lose my knife.

To secure the strap, I used a piece of electrical copper wire and attached it to the leather and hook the bottom of the sheath.

Step 5: Secure the Bottom

I also made a securing point at the bottom, I drilled a small hole at the bottom and threaded wire through it.

Step 6: Always Improve You Design

7 October 2017
To upgrade my design, I decided to add a snap. I bought the snap kit which included the tool for about $5.00 with 50 snaps. A good deal.

Step 7: Final Product

The knife mounted to my bike. I used tie wraps at the top and the wire I threaded at the bottom of the sheath is wrapped around the fork. I will probably dye it black so it blends better.

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