Inexpensive Wall Mounting for "Headless" Raspberry Pi




I have found this outlet wall mounting arrangement convenient, compact and very cheap. Intended for Raspberry Pi running "headless" (that is, you connect to Raspberry Pi remotely via SSH or VNC) with a Wifi network connection.

You likely already have nearly everything needed, except for a 3-gang wall plate and short USB cable.

Project construct time is < 30 minutes!

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Step 1: Parts and Tools


  1. 3-gang plastic wall plate. I used this one from Lowes < $1. Wall Plate
  2. Raspberry PI model B
  3. USB WiFi adapter
  4. Case to fit your Raspberry Pi. I used ABS case
  5. Double Sided Foam Tape. I used 3M Molding tape
  6. USB Charger
  7. Short Micro USB Cable. I used 6 inch White


  1. Flat and Philips head screwdrivers
  2. Scissors

Step 2: Build

a) Setup Raspberry PI to connect to your Wi-Fi network, and to connect to your Raspberry Pi remotely (run "headless"). Many guides are available to help you do this, like this one

b) Install Raspberry Pi in case, and use double sided tape to attach the back of case to 3-gang wall plate as shown.

c) Remove our existing outlet cover plate, and attach 3-gang plate (with Pi attached) to your outlet. There will only be one screw holding the plate to the outlet, but not a problem as the Pi is quite light.

d) Connect usb cable between Pi and charger and plug charger into outlet.

e) That's it you're done.

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    2 years ago

    Awesome, that is a very unique idea.