Inexpensive Way of Insulation

Introduction: Inexpensive Way of Insulation

DIY to help you do insulation by yourself in most inexpensive way. See and learn how easy it is, just few quick steps to follow..

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Step 1: Take Foam Panels Called “Dow Tuff

It is a closed cell foam about 2inches thick with r-value of 12.

Step 2: Measure the Wall Cavity

Using a measuring tape see exactly how big or small the piece of foam you need to cut. And make mark on your foam.

Step 3: Cut Foam Pieces

Then take a foam board to table saw and cut each piece to fit but keep in mind not to cut it real snug, cut it in a way so there is a little bit of a gap around the foam piece when it fits into wall cavity.

Step 4: Fit Foam in Wall Cavity

Now put the sized foam pieces in a wall cavity and use a great stuff foam sealant around the perimeter of it and seal it off.

Step 5: Cut the Excess Foam Sealant

Now you will see the foam sealant expands and some of it comes out, but don’t worry just take a small hand saw or a razor blade and just cut the excess.

Step 6: Put Drywall Back

And then the last step is too put your drywall back over the insulated wall cavities.

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