Infant Bundle of Grapes Costume

Introduction: Infant Bundle of Grapes Costume

This is an infant costume as a bundle of grapes. Comfy and warm.

Step 1: Materials

(Download and print out the pattern for the sleeper. It is in pieces that can be printed on standard sized paper and taped together.)
3/4 yard brown fleece
1 yard purple fleece
1/4 yard green
1 yard green ribbon
brown thread
green thread
stuffing for the grapes.
hand sewing needle
20 inch brown zipper
Sewing machine ( but can be sewn by hand with patience)

Step 2: Use the Pattern to Cut Out the Pieces.

Using the pattern cut out the front 2 pieces.
Using the pattern cut out the back piece on the fold.
Using the pattern cut out the 2 sleeves.
Using the pattern cut out the 2 hood pieces.
Using the pattern cut out the leaves.

Step 3: Sewing the Sleeper.

Attach the zipper to the front.
First sew one side of the zipper to one side of the center front of one front half.
Then open the zipper and attach the other side of the zipper to the center front of the other front half.
Attach the sleeves to the front s at the shoulder seams then attach the back at he shoulder seams.
Matching up the under arms and sides, sew from one under sleeve, down one side, across the bottom, up the other side, and the other under sleeve.
Hem the sleeves.
Sew the hood down the center back.
Turn right side out.
Sew a strip of brown fleece around the edge of the hood.
Attach the hood to the neck of the sleeper, matching the center back of the hood with the center of the back edge at the neck.
Make 2 small slits in the fleece around the hood at the neck edge for the ribbon.
Using a safety pin thread the ribbon through the casing around the hood made by the fleece.

Step 4: Make the Grapes.

Trace around a desert plate trace to make the circles for the grapes.
Use a running stitch to gather the edges of the circles.
Gather the circles and stuff with stuffing to make the grapes.
Sew the grapes shut.
Attach the grapes in random spot starting at the shoulders.
Fill in until you are happy with the results.
I left the back without grapes so she could sit in a stroller or be held comfortably.

Step 5: Add the Leaves

Cut out the leaves using the pattern.
Sew one leaf at each shoulder near the hood and 2 at the bottom.

Step 6: Dress Up the Baby and Enjoy the Smiles.

Enjoy the smiles.


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