Infinite Blocks Minecraft PE




Introduction: Infinite Blocks Minecraft PE

You can have infinite block without using mods (sorry for the bad english... I am italian :)

Step 1: Open Minecraft

Step 2: Open a World

Open the world in survival mode where you eant to use the glitch

Step 3: Select the Blocks

Step 4: Put Them on the Floor

Step 5: Exit

Get out from minecraft

Step 6: ReEnter

Get in minecraft (don't touch anything!!!)

Step 7: ReExit

Get again out from minecraft

Step 8: Multitasking

Open your multitasking

Step 9: Close Minecraft

Hold on minecraft and tap the red botton

Step 10: Enter in Minecraft

Enter and collect the blocks

Step 11: END

Now you have twice as many blocks



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    7 Discussions

    ????? what??????? Infinite blocks is soooooooo cool!!! Oh and there's nothing wrong with being Italian

    It only worked once.But it's the first diuplication glitch I ever tryed that worked!★★★★★