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Introduction: Infinity Bracelet: Rainbow Loom

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hello again!

so I came up with this because I like infinity bracelets and I was looking for one to make on a loom and couldn't find one that was "bold and big" enough for my tastes so I made my own!

disclaimer: I did not come up with this bracelet, I did come up with this use of it however.

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Step 1: What You'll Need:

•a loom
•a hook
•some bands
•a "s" or "c" clip
that's it!

Step 2: Starting the Bracelet

okay, so to start with have your loom so it's NOT staggered. then place one band over 4 pegs in a square. twist the bands so it looks like the 5th picture. then put one more band UNTWISTED over the four pegs, pull up the bottom, first placed band, over each corner, like in the pictures, keep adding one band and pulling the bottom band over it until it fits around your wrist. stop now and move onto the next step...

Step 3: Finishing (what Will Be) the Infinity Sign

start where the last step left off your loom should look like the first picture. pick up one of the corners of the band closest to you, and move it to the peg directly behind it (on top of the other corner of the band), repeat this with the other side.
now look at the other end, there should be four loops of the "cap" band, separate them into two sets of two and put one set on one of the pegs that the end band has just vacated, do the same with the other set onto the other vacated peg so it looks like the last picture.

Step 4: Starting the Main Bracelet

put a single band on top of the four pegs, pull over BOTH bottom bands, (like before except with two bands), now put another band on top and just pull over the single bottom band like before, repeat this 2-3 times

Step 5: The Complicated Bit

you'll see the original bracelet (that'll form the infinity sign) is coming out of two different gaps, this will make it pretty much impossible to build the bracelet, pick up the corner of band in between the two ends of bracelet, move one end over to the other and rehook the band over the peg. now continue with the pattern I told you to do in the last step, until the infinity sign part is clear of the loom.

Step 6: The Infinity Sign.

now the loop (the infinity sign) is clear of the loom you can make it into an infinity sign, to do this: take a band of any colour double it over on your fingers and slide it to the middle of the loop, repeat this so you have two doubled over bands to make the infinity sign!! now continue with "growing" the bracelet as before.

Step 7: Finishing Off

stop adding bands when your bracelet fits your wrist, now put the four ends of the bracelet onto your hook, and place them in an S or C clip, now find the middle of the end of your infinity sign that isn't attached to the bracelet, put this into the C clip.

voila! show it off! give it away! have fun!

please comment if you need any help or clarification! (:


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    5 years ago

    princessavili2345 I didn't know you could make this bracelet by hand, but I generally don't make them by hand as it cuts off circulation to my fingertips and I find it painful, especially as bad circulation runs in my family.


    5 years ago

    MsSweetSatisfaction thank you :)


    5 years ago

    jenise2000 thanks (:


    5 years ago

    Nice idea i like how the colours are the same but in different places :)