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Introduction: Infinity Stone Hand Chain

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A very detailed DIY tutorial on how to create hand chain jewelry inspired by Marvel's Infinity War movie and Hasbro's Infinity Gauntlet.

*This tutorial features steps on how to create your own rings from wire. I did this to make sure that my rings were always adjustable, plus it was a nice challenge than buying already made rings.

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Step 1: Materials

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washi tape or any thin tape (if you have neither, use string)


measuring tape (or ruler)

marker or pen (not pictured)

jewelry making tool kit - side cutter, round nose pliers, bent nose pliers, and flat nose pliers

1 yard of gold wire

1 yard of gold chain

jewelry and bead glue

flatback gems (pack 1 & pack 2)

1 gold lobster clasp

3 gold jump rings

a small tubular object (not pictured)

Step 2: Measuring Your Hand & Labeling

Use the washi tape to determine how long you want each chain. When placing the tape on your hand and wrist, leave a little excess tape for movement.

Label each piece of tape with a marker.

Step 3: Use Measurements to Cut Chains

Lay each piece of tape down on a flat surface and cut the gold chain according to your measurements.

Step 4: Cutting Your Wire

Using the side cutter, cut about 6.5 or 7 inches of gold wire. Make sure the wire is straight.

Step 5: Making the Ring Base

Take the long nose pliers and place the the tip on about 3 inches of the wire, hold it steady. Using the pliers, turn counter clockwise to move the longer part of the wire over to the left side.

Once the longer part of the wire is on the same side as the shorter, keep turning the pliers counter clockwise to create a small loop. Keep using the tip of the pliers.

Once your loop is created, use your fingers to continue to wrap the the longer part of the wire over the shorter. Make sure you keep your first loop intact while doing this.

Make the coils based on the size of your gems, my gems are pretty small so I only wrapped the wire around twice.

Step 6: Adding Chains

Once you have the desired amount of coils, turn the wire over.

Slightly push the shorter part of the wire toward the longer part, creating a small opening by the coils.

Take one of your chains for your finger and slide it onto the shorter part of the wire, make sure it is all the way down on the wire.

Now, take the longer part of the wire and cross it over the shorter part, securing the chain. This will probably leave a small bump on the side of the base, but it will be smoothed out later.

Turn the shorter part of the wire clockwise so that both wires are now in a straight line like they were before.

Step 7: Use Flat Nose Pliers on Base

Take the flat nose pliers and flatten the ring base as well as any bumps on the sides.

Step 8: Shaping Ring Band

Use any small tubular object (as small as your finger) to shape your band.

Before cutting off any overlapping excess wire, try the ring on first to get an exact measurement.

Use the round nose pliers and curl over the round ends of the wire.

Step 9: Create 4 More Rings

Create 4 more just like this! Don't forget to use the tape to keep track of which ring is for which finger.

Step 10: Making the Middle Gem Base

This is for the base that will go on the middle of your hand, the base for the mind stone!

Follow steps 1-8 of making the ring base. For step 5, make one coil less than you did for the rings.

Now, the chain should be slid onto the shorter parter of the wire and 1 jump ring should be slid onto the longer part of the wire. The jump ring should be closed, so you won't lose it. ( don't be like me)

Same as before, cross the longer part of the wire over the short one.

Turn the shorter part of the wire clockwise so that both pieces of wire are in a straight horizontal line. The chain should be at the bottom of the ring base, and the jump ring at the top.

Use the side cutter to cut off both pieces of wire. Cut both pieces down to about a half a inch.

Use the round nose pliers or bent nose pliers to wrap the rough edges of wire around the ring base.

Use the flat nose pliers to smooth any bumps.

Step 11: Connecting Chains

Starting with the right-most finger (the thumb for the left hand) attach the finger chain to the jump ring on the hand gem base. Once all of the chains are on the jump ring, secure with the bent nose pliers.

Find the middle of the chain for your wrist and attach a jump ring there, then add the hand chain (the one connected to the hand gem base) to the same jump ring.

Attach a lobster clasp to a jump ring and attach both to the end of the wrist chain. We are nearly there!

Step 12: Applying Gems to Bases

I used an old glove to keep the hand chain secure while I glued on the gems. If you don't have any kind of gloves, I suggest you wrap the rings around 5 markers or pens with clips that will hold the rings in place.

Use a very small dot of glue for each ring base, then use the bent nose pliers to pick up your gems and place them on their bases.

I am placing the infinity stones the way they were portrayed in the movie trailer. Then, I saw the Infinity Gauntlet at Target that seems to mimic the same placement so I used that as a reference.

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