Infinity Bracelet Without a Loom

This is a pretty simple Rainbow Loom pattern, but all the tutorials I found online needed a loom or complex arrangement of pencils. I came up with this method you can do with only your hands, and a hook or pencil if you need it.

You will need 76 bands and a C or S clip. For this pattern, I used 24 black, 9 red, 10 orange, 9 yellow, and 8 each of green, blue, and purple.

Step 1:

Loop your first band once around your finger. Use a hook or pencil if this is difficult for you.

Step 2:

Slide your next band into the first, like you're starting a single.

Step 3:

Put a black band between the orange and slide your next color through both the orange and black.

Step 4:

Pushing the previous black band aside, put another between the yellow and pull your next color between the yellow and black.

Step 5:

Repeat until you have used all your black bands and about half your rainbow ones.

Step 6:

Put another band the same color as the second through the first.

Step 7:

Twist the black band and put another band of the next color through the orange and black.

Step 8:

Repeat until you have looped all of the black bands. You should still have one band left.

Step 9:

Gather up all four loops at the end on your finger, pencil, or hook.

Step 10:

Slide your final band through all of the orange loops.

Step 11:

Clip the final band and take the bracelet off your finger. Then, clip the first band on the other side and your bracelet is finished!

Once you learn the method, you can make it a different length or change the colors around as much as you want.



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