Inflator Hack

Introduction: Materials and Tools

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1. Old cork that fits in air port. (Rubber or plastic ones work best, but cork will work also)

1. Drill
2. Drill bits
3. Air compressor
4. Air hose
5. Blower
6. Razor knife.

Step 1: Fit Your Cork

Find a cork that fits the air port. You may have to shave it a little with a razors knife

Step 2: Size Up Your Blower and Prep Cork

Find a drill bit the same size or a hair smaller than your blower tip. Drill a hole through the center of your cork. It is difficult with cork ones so start with a smaller bit and work your way up to the size you need. It's also not a bad idea to first wrap your cork with paper then tape. This will ensure you don't split your cork while drilling. I didn't have an issue but I saw the potential for one!

Step 3: Finishing Up

Remove tape and wrap from your cork if you used one. Then firmly push your cork into the air inlet. Now put the blower in the cork and blow up you pool or whatever. When finished, quickly pull out the cork and blower. Quickly close air inlet! You are done!



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