Info Graphics: Batteries Are Safe

Introduction: Info Graphics: Batteries Are Safe

Prove and give information to your friends that batteries are safe if you use it carefully.You don't need to be scared of batteries. You just have to be careful while using batteries.

Materials required:

1. Chart paper

2. Card board

3. Paint

4. Battery

5. Wire

6. LED

7. Soldering iron

8. Wire stripper

9. Sketch pen

10. Paint brush



13. Color pencil

14. Pencil

15. Color paper

16. Cello tape

17. Flex tape

18. Glue

19. Scissor

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Step 1: Take a Blank Chart Paper

Step 2: Cut the Strips of Color Paper for the Border

Step 3: Paste the Strips of the Paper for the Border

Step 4: Write the Text

Batteries are safe

batteries are safe if you use it carefully

Facts about batteries


12 volt battery=safe

Step 5: Write the Text With Sketchpen

Step 6: Draw Different Types of Batteries

Step 7: Cut the Shape of the Batteries

Step 8: Paint the Batteries

Step 9: Paste the Batteries

Step 10: Make a Paper Tourch

Step 11: Make a Paper Clock

Step 12: Make a Mobile Phone

Step 13: Make a Coin Battery

Step 14: Paste the Clock, Coin Battery, Mobile Phone, Torch

Step 15: Make a Simple Circuit by Soldering It and Paste It on the Chart Paper

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