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Hello Again My Dears,

Often people come into my shop looking for the International Red Cross. I don't know why! There is a giant red cross in the window across the street. I decided to create an informational sign with a telekinetic jellyfish to help guide people on their way. Of course, renderings of telekinetic jellyfish are not actually telekinetic themselves. I had to convey the telekinesis with an informative text bubble. Fortunately, the express nature of the artistic medium allowed me to do this.

1) I opened MSPaint
2) I drew my interpretation of a telekinetic jellyfish informing people that the Red Cross is actually behind them, and not through the door to my shop.
3) I printed it in full color on transparency paper
4) I taped it to the door with packing tape.

Since hanging the sign, no one has yet to come through the door looking for the red cross. Mission accomplished. Perhaps a "Mission Accomplished" banner is in order. 

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