Infrared Alarm Sensor

Introduction: Infrared Alarm Sensor

This device will set off an alarm if someone try's to steal something from you.

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Step 1:

You will need an Arduino, bread board, five wires, normal alarm, and a IR sensor

Step 2:

You will need to set up the wires this way in the right areas so they can sink with the code. You can find a code on the internet, you may need to change it so it will work with the sensors and alarm. Try to find a small box to fit everything into.

Step 3:

I am using just a normal box for this demonstration, you will be able to put this alarm almost anywhere. I suggest taping down the box and wires so they don't fall out.

Step 4:

You will also need a power source for the Arduino, this will not take that much power. Mine is running off of 3.3V. It should be able to fit in the box.

Step 5: here is a link to a video to show that it works

Step 6:

This is where I got my code from. I had to change it some to work for my expectations. Good luck in making this project.

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