Infrared Based Music Transmitter and Receiver

Introduction: Infrared Based Music Transmitter and Receiver

Several years ago, I had made a similar project and published on my website. Please check the old project.

Now this is a similar and better project for beginners.

In this project, music from an audio source can be transmitted wirelessly via infrared medium.

There are two kits included in this package.

One is transmitter and the other is receiver.

On the transmitter side:

On the transmitter side, music is fed to the circuit and it is transmitted to infrared LED via an amplifying transistor so that the audio signals can be transmitted as infrared rays. If you connect a speaker in place of the infrared LED, the kit would work as a simple amplifier.

On the receiver side:

On the receiver side, there is a phototransistor working as an infrared receiver which takes the audio signals in the form of infrared and feeds to the audio amplifier LM386 and the audio amplifier amplifies the signal and consequently produces sound. Assembly of this project is very straightforward. You can easily assemble this kit if you have basic knowledge in soldering.

The kit is available at buildcircuit store.

The kit package contains everything that you need to build the transmitter and receiver.

You will also need a speaker. LINK

And, a stereo jack to connect to the transmitter. LINK

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Step 1: Connect the Transmitter to an Audio Source

This is a DIY kit, so, obviously, you will have to assemble it first. The assembly process is very straight forward, anyone with a beginner knowledge in soldering can assemble it.

Full assembly tutorial link is available at this link.

Then, you will have to connect the transmitter module to an audio source using a speaker jack. The audio source can be anything, for example, a computer, a simple mp3 module, a mobile phone, mp3 player, etc.

When you power up the transmitter, red LED will light up.

Step 2: Place the Receiver Straight to the Transmitter

After you assemble the receiver, connect a thin speaker and power it up.

The red LED will turn on.

Then, place the receiver kit in a straight line facing the phototransistor and infrared LED towards each other.

The receiver will receive the infrared signal and the LM386 audio amplifier will amplify the sound.

The following video will make you more clear.

You can purchase this kit at

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    Question 2 years ago

    Thanks for this instructable!

    I would like to send stereo signal, any idea how i could do this?