Infrared Dog Blinky

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This is a Simple and Beginners Circuit fitter into a Stuff Toy.... Enjoy the Blinking dog Light when you use your tv :P

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Step 1: Schematic

Schematic turns led on till the remote button is pressed.I have added another schematic in which there is a vibrating motor which you can put in it's tail :)
2 AA Batteries /mobile Battery for 3V - 5V

Anybody has answer for this ? :-
I Tried a 9V Battery, the Led kept glowing but when i tried mobile battery then it would glow when the button was pressed.

Step 2: Fit the Circuit Into Dog

Keep the reciever little bit outside otherwise it will not work.
Reciever worked with many remotes...
7 Remotes Tested and As i have attached a mobile battery so it last for long.
Circuit was kept ON continuously and lasted 15 days. And it is rechargeable too! Just get the battery out ,put it into phone and recharge ;)

Step 3: Test It!

While filling the cotton again inside the toy remember to test it every time you fill it.
(I Broke my Wires 2 times and again have to pull out the cotton to fix it :P)

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