Infrasonic Sub-audible Resonant Sub-woofer Boom Base Cannon

Introduction: Infrasonic Sub-audible Resonant Sub-woofer Boom Base Cannon

I used a 22 inch base drum and 21 inch 2000 watt Pyle Pro speaker cone. The idea is that both the Pyle speaker and the base drum are engineered to produce sound in the lower audible frequencies. So my idea was to build a base cannon inside of the drum that resonates and amplify the drum head and speaker cone.
My goal was to achieve a harmonic resonance between the 21 inch speaker and the 22 inch drum head by placing them at strategic distances from one another and by working with an awesome 1000 amp Pyle Pro amplifier.

The 1000W amp claimed to have a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz and the speakers claim 22Hz resonance with a frequency Response from 22Hz ~ 4kHz. According to some 22 inch base drum tuning guides, the batter lug frequency can be as low as 55Hz but the resonant (post-lug) frequency of the drum head varies. When recording equipment like the Avenson STO-2 condenser is used (capable of picking up lower frequencies) the Kick-Port reportedly produces a low-peak below 20Hz.

I suspected it could reach sub 20Hz if motivated by a complex harmonic standing wave.

I send a ~20Hz to the speaker and get ~21-22Hz to bounce off of the 22inch base drum inner chamber that causes a complex harmonic resonance and emits a strong infrasonic standing wave somewhere inside and throughout the base cannon (in combination with the drum heads and the drum chamber).

My hypothesis is that this method works better than the standard sub-woofer box model because it is something of a cross between these experimental base cannons ( – check this hilarious video) and a resonance chamber.

I thought about trying the so called base cannon idea, but I when working with my hybrid drum concept I was quite satisfied.

I should have more news soon – I’m thinking earthquake simulation in the lab – haha.

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    3 years ago

    Great idea !

    That drum skin makes a very efficient passive radiator ;)