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Introduction: Ink Pad Organizer

My wife has lots of ink pads for scrapbook issues and she wants to organize them. So I build this organizer.

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Step 1: Cut the Boards to Rough Size

The board I used are 15 mm Plywood cut to 500 x 190 mm and 350 x 190 mm. Mark the centerline. All measurements take that as reference.

Step 2: Cut Groves

Set the saw blade approximately half the height of the board. The bigger board gets groves 41 mm and 126 mm from the centerline. The smaller board gets one grove right in the middle and then evenly paced every 25 mm. Check if a scrap piece of hardboard fits the slots. Cut a rebate for the back panel.

Step 3: Cut Miters and Final Size

Set the saw blade to 45 degree and cut the miters on both ends. Set the saw blade back to 90 degree and cut the board 85 mm wide.

Step 4: Cut Strips for the Grid and the Back Panel

Make a dry fit and measure the inside. In my case the longer strips had to be 436 mm and the shorter 316 mm and 81 mm wide. The back panel is 436 x 316 mm. You need 11 long strips and 4 short strips. Set the height of the saw blade to half the height of the strips. Use tape so hold them together. Transfer the measurements from the boards to the strips and cut the slots. Test fit with a scrap piece of hardboard.

Step 5: Drill Holes and Build the Grid

Use a drill press and a hole saw so that you can grab the ink pads. Put the grid together. Glue everything together and let dry.

Step 6: Finished

Put it out of the clamps and put your ink pads in. I build several of them for different ink pads. This specific one is for Distress Ink Pads (Tim Holtz).

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    Wow. That looks really nice. This would probably be a great way to organize some of my wife's craft supplies.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you very much. I got my inspiration from this website:

    I'm not related with this company but they make great stuff.