Ink Fisher

Introduction: Ink Fisher

using and tweaking the design of my bb pen gun i have made a 'rocket' fishing pen.

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Step 1: Items Needed

you will need 2 pens a glue gun and Paracord a glue stick and a hook
and a tube.  **Note** Use paracord that way its easy to see in the water.  the colors will attract the fish to the lure.

Step 2: Take Them Apart

take apart the pens and list them or put them in any order so long as you know what they look like and what they are.

Step 3: 2 Things You Can Do

you can follow these steps or you can check out how to build the bb pen gun and just stop at inserting the tube.Make your "gun" area look like the picture below.

Step 4: Gluing the Lure

un fortunatley i cannot put a picture on this step. but using the tip of the second pen put the hook of your choosing in to the front tip.Glue it in place.then at the bottom glue the inside of the the back of the front end of the second pen and stick the ink stick in it with the paracord.

Step 5: Almost Done

now glue the back end of the the front end of the secong pen to the fishing line.Then glue the back of the piston to the fishing line.

Step 6: Hooky Time!

Now glue the desired hook or lure to the front end of the pen and try to shoot the pen gun fisher.

Step 7: Done!

now you can fish any where!!!!! thank you please vote for me! heres what the gun should look like.

Step 8: How to Shoot and Re Shoot the Gun

to re shoot the gun simply push the lure back in and push the clicker.

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