Inkless Pen Write With Electricity!

Ideas Into Reality !

Intro: Inkless Pen Write With Electricity!

How to do pen tricks? To show your friends. Here's cool trick with pen make it inkless Pen an write with electricity

Step 1: How It Works!

This pen works on high voltage which creates arcs between the two wires 1000° hot which are enough to burn a small hole through the paper , these small holes will create lines that you draw.

Watch this video to get the idea how it works

Step 2: Drawing Quality ?

it makes small holes ,which looks like a line

also it can make holes or burn paper to make 3d drawing.

Step 3: How to Make This Pen?

share this video with your friends, show them a cool pen tricks.



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    3 years ago

    the links are just writing fix this now and then I will be happy!!!!!!!!!!! ?


    3 years ago

    can you post a comment with link to the video? I can't find the video......

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