Inkscape Jittery Text Tutorial

Introduction: Inkscape Jittery Text Tutorial

Simple tutorial for inkscape on making jittery text.
The inkscape vector graphics program is free and available for Win, Mac, Linux.
It is similar to Adobe Illustrator.
Vector graphics can be blown up to the size of a barn door without getting ragged.
But sometimes it is fun to make rough-looking text or objects.
Jittering will let you simulate hand-painted text.
Follow the photos above, or watch the one minute video below.
  • Type your text into inkscape with the text tool.
  • Optional: change text spacing
  • > use Alt + arrow keys to move letters up and down and left and right
  • > use Alt + square brackets ] and [ to tilt letters
  • Convert text to a "path"
  • Add nodes to the path so there will be more spots to jitter
  • Jitter the nodes
  • Save or export your jittered text

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